Payment of amounts due.

Who can request this?

Anyone who has a payment document for the bill they wish to pay.

  • Applicable dates: Payment may be made until the deadline indicated on the payment document.

Documentation required

The charge reference number that appears on the payment document payment slip. If you do not have this, get it here: receipts and fines.

If you plan to pay online, you will also need a bank card (from any bank) or electronic banking service at any of our partner financial institutions.

Other information of interest

Tax Administration Government Agency website:


There are various procedures for this municipal service. Depending on the type of procedure, there are a number of steps to follow:

In-person procedure:

  • Present the payment document at any of our partner institutions:
    • Banco Santander
    • Cajamar
    • Unicaja Banco
  • You can also make payment for the payment document at any partner institution cash machine, provided that you are customer of the bank in question. Additionally, 4B card holders can make the payment at any 4B partner institution cash machine without the need to be a customer of that bank.

    NB: Due to electronic operations at each financial institution, there may be restrictions as to the deadline to complete transactions by cash machine or online on the afternoon/evening of the final day of the voluntary payment period. It is therefore advisable not to wait until that day to make payment. Gestrisam is exempt from all liability arising from said restrictions.

Procedure without digital certificate:

  • Go to the payment gateways of the Málaga City Council partner financial institutions to pay amounts due using this procedure: payment without digital certificate..
  • Once on the site for the bank of your choice, follow the instructions and enter the charge reference number that appears on the payment document payment slip. Each bank may present the information in a slightly different way.